Potty Train My Boy

How old should I start potty train my child?
Is my child ready to be potty train?

How should I begin?

These are the common questions often asked by mothers.

If you asked Mr. Google, there are many suggestions or advises given. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on every kid. Because everyone is different. However I would say that PATIENCE is the key word in this matter.

I have read/ even heard experiences from other mothers that bringing the child to toilet every 15 minutes asking them to pee. Cleaning up ‘accidents’.

Every 15 minutes?! I seriously unable to practice this as I am not SAHM. I can’t be expecting my mom to do it too.

Jet has no problem in poo poo-ing in a potty since he was less than 2 years old. He will tell us to bring the pot when he wants to poo. However it does not imply on pee-ing. He doesn’t want to pee in pot nor toilet no matter how I encourages him by saying; let’s watch how fun the water flushes our urine. He just resist to do it. He said he want to pee on diaper. When Jet started waking up with dry diapers the next morning, I knew he’s ready.He could hold pee now. I thought I should come up with something which will encourages him more. I logon to 11 street and typed ‘training potty’. A whole long list of choices appears. I chose a training potty for boys with a Doraemon image. Jet know about the Doraemon character. He was happy when I showed him this is your new potty. Okay, that shows some sign of ‘interested’.


Jet doesn’t know how to pee standing (without diaper on). It was really when I uses this image to teach him how to pee standing. Whenever he wanna pee, he will ask me to show him this ‘instruction’. LOL! Of course it requires sometime too. Continue to encourage him. Initially he kept asking me, how come no urine comes out. I made the ‘shhhshhh’ sound, pee-ed together with him, told him slowly…you can do it. After few days, he finally succeed! We both clapped our hands, making him feel proud on his achievement.
(Note: the white pot is removable for cleaning/washing)


I bought this training potty for around RM40+, which I think is really worth getting. Do you noticed the yellow thing? Its a spinner, whenever his pee aim there, it will spin. So, it also creates some fun when he pee. Jet has successfully on diaper free (even night) as he turn 3 years old. I am now more busier bringing him to toilet whenever he wants to pee, be it at home or outside. LOL!! 😀

Conclusion : Do not rush in potty train. Train gradually. But if they show sign of resistant, stop a moment and continue later on. This site offers a good guide. (http://www.babycenter.com/0_tips-for-potty-training-boys_11652.bc?page=1)