Kidzoona is now opened at Aeon Mall Seremban 2

Malaysia weather is often sunny or rain. Instead of playing at home, sometimes I just want Jet to spend some time outdoor. Other than going to the parks, I would like to bring him to indoor playgrounds. Where it is fully air conditioned. hehe…..Don’t have to worry it is rain or shine.


Kidzoona at Aeon Seremban 2 is opened on 29 April 2017.
At the moment, indoor playgrounds we have in Seremban are lollipop, at NSK and now the newest Kidzoona. Kidzoona has several outlets in KL.

IMG_20170512_142420 I got a voucher during their mascot walkabout day. Offering 50% discount to children age between 3-5 years old. Making use of the voucher, I brought Jet here early in the morning after his Kindermusik class. Jet was so happy and excited. But we made a deal, that we must leave when mummy said so, okay? Jet replied ok without hesitation. We often made a deal before hand. Of course he won’t be totally obedient. He’s just a kid. Usually I’ll end up extending another 10-15 minutes.


The entrance fee is differ on weekdays and weekends. For toddlers age 1 and below, the admission is free.
RM 15 (weekdays)
RM20 (weekends)

Below age 1 (FREE)

No time limitation. Which means, your kid can play as many hours as they wished.


Every kid with accompanied adult is required to put on their socks. You can bring your own socks. But in case you did not, you can purchase a pair of socks from the counter here.

Parent or guardian of the kid is required to fill this form before entry. *Children below 135cm height, must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

After done with the registration, you will be given a number & a basket to place your shoes at the designated area.

We were very early. Therefore the playground was quite empty.

Jet said ‘WOW’ while calling me to tag along.

We were fireman. Check out the happy face on him.

There are several counters for ‘pretend play’. Which creates a good interaction between children and adult or among their playmates.

The fruits counter

How about a florist?

They also provide different uniform on every counter. But Jet was reluctant to put it on.

in photo, Jet was trying to serve some sushi…..

and sushi for sale.

Then, we hooped over to the ice cream stall.

the ice cream is just too cute.

Jet, the ice cream vendor now. And I’ll be the customer.

Jet served me a chocolate ice cream.

Then, we went to the Burger stall.

A mini burger. All the items are really cute. I hope people could take good care of the items.

Cyber Wheel

This corner is very suitable for toddlers age 1.

The sofa corner is also a reading section. There were some books placed there.

A trampoline

Mini Cars (ride on foot 😀 😀 😀 )

‘Ball Pool’.

I saw a notice written ‘For hygiene purpose, Ball Pool is sanitized weekly’. If the statement is true, then it would good. This is to ensured it is decontamination.

This is the ‘Toy Corner’. There are several toys here which could train their motor skills.

boys would never fail to love cars and tracks.

Jet stacked it up all by himself

I would also like you emphasize that if your children is unwell or sick, please do not bring them to playgrounds. Because it may easily spread to other children. Please be considerate.

Other than that, you can also host a birthday party here. For more information, do drop by their website to see the offered package.


I think it is a nice place where both parent and child could spend some playtime together. I would prefer to go during non-peak hours.

Kidzoona @Aeon Mall Seremban 2

1st floor (next to bowling centre)

112 Persiaran S2 B1, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus