Jet’s First Overseas Trip Before Turn 2

Do you know that the toddlers below age 2 is considered as ‘infant’ in an airplane? Therefore the air fare is free. Making use of this benefit, I brought Jet to Hong Kong before he turn 2. Why did I choose Hong Kong? There were several considerations.

  • Asian country. (food shouldn’t be a big problem to kid)
  • Hong Kong Disney (children would love Disney. Its the nearest Disney though)
  • Same time zone (no jet lag)
  • Not too long journey (flight duration 4 hours)

We flew to Hong Kong via Malaysia Airline (MAS) on end of November.

How to travel on plane with a toddler.

  • People will usually choose night flight. Reason is that usually the kid will sleep. Because its the bedtime.
  • Bring his/her favorite soft toy or pillow.
  • Bring activity book, coloring book or sticker book to keep them busy.
  • Bring his/her favorite snacks.
  • If you have a tablet; download some fun apps.
  • During plane take off, many kids get irritated of the air pressure. Get him/her to latch on (breastfeed) during plane taking off. This will keep them comfortable and could minimize the air pressure pain on their ears.

Do read up some traveling tips before you travel. Simply do some homework by asking Mr.Google. 🙂

I chose Dorsett Mongkok during our stay. It is situated between Mongkok and Tai Kok Tsui. And the nearest MTR station was ‘Olympic Station’. Staffs are friendly. If you are unsure or have doubts about directions, you can easily ask the frontdesk staffs. They are very helpful. Furthermore I also asked them where is the nearest dim sum or local food.

Although it is not a walking distance to the popular Ladies Market, Mongkok…but this hotel do provide shuttle bus that could reach Ladies Market, Star Ferry (Tsim Sa Tsui), Kowloon AEL. It is on hourly basis.

Basic amenities and Mineral Water is provided daily.

Dorsett Mongkok also provide a complimentary use of smart phone with 4G internet. The smart phone will work as a portable modem when you bring it out to travel with you. The network reception is quite strong too.

The room (Comfort Room) is just 18 sq.m area.The room is clean and tidy. However it is quite small, compared to our hotels in Malaysia. Well…it is understood when you are in Hong Kong.

The shower area and toilet.

View from our hotel room

Be prepared with fussing child. When they do not have sufficient sleep…they’ll be cranky.

Its a free & easy trip. In our itinerary, I would include some parks or at least one spot that is suitable for kid.

Hong Kong is not really a stroller friendly place. Best to use a baby wear/ baby wearing. But with Jet’s weight…I really couldn’t bear the weight of using baby wear anymore. My knees and waist will be damn painful at the end of the day.

I brought a lightweight and handy stroller there by the brand ‘seebaby’. Unfortunately this boy of mine doesn’t want to sit on the stroller at all. He wants to be carry most of the time. Okay…I do made him walk too. Therefore, brother helped me carry him awhile. Imagine me carrying a sack of 10kg rice grain to walk around. Huhuhuhu =_=

Make sure you keep snacks in your bag. Water is equally important to keep them hydrated when traveling.

Kowloon Park is a large public park in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. At this park, there’s a bird lake, flora & garden, avenue of comic stars.

How to get there:-

  • MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit A1; or
  • MTR Jordan Station, Exit C1, walk along Nathan Road towards Tsim Sha Tsui to Austin Road.

For info; check it HERE.

Snoopy’s World , located at the New Town Plaza Shopping Mall in Sha Tin (New Territories). It is a very small theme park or I should say a playground instead of theme park. Although it is small, but could spend some 1+ hour playtime there.

I would suggest you to go on weekdays.

The operation hour is from 11am-7pm (daily), while the Boating Canoe begins at 12pm-6pm. The admission is FREE. If you ask me whether is it worth visiting? I myself thought its worth visiting. Especially if you are a big fan of Snoopy and friends. After the park, you could spend some shopping time at New Town Plaza Shopping Mall. It would be better if the park opens earlier.

We walked around to take photos while waiting for the doors to open.

We entered the park as soon it opens. Hence you see its quite empty.

The fun begins at the Doghouse Entry which is Snoopy’s home. School Plaza: Peanuts Academy is next and boasts of life size figures Sally, Charlie Brown and Linus. After this, proceed to Boating Canal: Canoe Ride and let the waves of fun roll over you. The Baseball Playground and Mini Town Area are other entertainment zones where you can indulge in various interesting activities and have lots of fun and laughter – all free of cost.

Snoopy’s World

How to get there:-

MTR Sha Tin Station, Exit A


How do I get to Hong Kong Disneyland using the MTR?
When riding the MTR, your final connection will be the Disneyland Resort Line from Sunny Bay Station. Trains operate daily every few minutes between Sunny Bay Station and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, from early morning until late at night.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is only about 30 minutes by train from the following MTR stations:

  • Hong Kong International Airport Station (transfer at Tsing Yi Station to Sunny Bay Station)
  • Kowloon Station
  • Hong Kong Station

For up-to-date train schedules, please visit the MTR website.

You may purchase Hong Kong Disneyland Park tickets at Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Express at the MTR Hong Kong Station (Tung Chung Line Concourse). Open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

You may want to purchase your admission tickets through Disney HK website (sometimes they do have seasonal promotions). This could also skip the ticketing queue. Then over here, to validate and print your admission tickets.

The ticket price for Disney HK is quite expensive. But for children below age 3 is free of charge. Disney is my favorite place. It brings back everyone’s childhood days. Well, who doesn’t like Disney wor….

Jet is a fan of Mickey. I’m bringing him to see Mickey.

checkout the crowd. Majority are mainland people. We were queuing to go through the bag inspection counter. No outside food & drinks allowed in Disney HK. Each and everyone has to go through the procedure before entering the theme park.

(Please guard your child like a hawk)

Check out the bee line. What are these people queuing for?

People were queuing to have a photo session with Mickey & Minnie. I couldn’t bother to join the queue as it was too long I felt. With young kids around, it wouldn’t be easy for long queues. I doubt a toddler would have the patience to stay in line for long period.

We took chance of Donald & Daisy. This itself also took at least 30 minutes? If I remember correctly.

A nice photo of us with Donald & Daisy. There’s a photographer who take photos for everyone in queue. In case you doesn’t want to purchase this memorable photo from Disney, you can also pass your camera to the photographer to take a nice shot of you.

We also spotted Goofy & Pluto.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

We are getting ourselves ready for the 4D show with a 4D spec. However the sound system was too loud & Jet dislike it. I brought him out from the theater during the midway of the show. Staffs at Disney were very helpful to lead us out from the dark theater.

at Toy Story Land

We also met Woody & Jessie

Its a small world, a must visit. Why did I say so.

Its a small world is a water-based ride located in the Fantasyland area. The ride features over 300 audio-animatronic children in traditional costumes from cultures around the world, frolicking in a spirit of international unity, and singing the attraction’s title song, which has a theme of global peace.


After that, we settled our lunch here at Plaza Inn instead of the food court. Because its already noon and I know Jet would wanna get his nap soon.


We took the set lunch menu instead of ala-carte.


Service was not bad but the food was just average. (Got Mickey head printed on the steamed bun lor)


Soon after the lunch, at 2PM (do double check the show schedule) just right for the parade show to begin.

After the show, we did some shopping at the souvenir shops. Plenty of Disney stuffs you can get it here. (If you miss buying it from Disney, fret not there’s another last chance to buy before leaving home. Its at the HK Airport. A small shop selling Disney HK merchandises)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hahaha….Its tea time! Having their anniversary tea set while Jet taking his short nap again. 😀 The tea set was delicious, but kinda pricey.


We also spotted Chip & Dale while leaving.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Christmas atmosphere here is very nice. You will definitely feel that you are a kid once again. However we didn’t stay for the fireworks (do check the schedule too) because we want to avoid the crowd especially the public transport right after the fireworks end. If you have the budget, I’ll advise you to stay a night at Disney hotel. Then you can spend more time without the rush.


Traveling abroad with small kid definitely more tiring. But the experience and journey is memorable. You’ll need to take more breaks in between. Lots of give and take for sure. Many would say, aiya…so young, they won’t remember want lar…But the photos you captured does ma. Aiya…you won’t get to enjoy wan lar, so troublesome. But if your travel-mates (family) willing to take turn to jaga, why not? There was one day, I decided to return to hotel with Jet, in the late afternoon because I felt so tired. The rest of them can still carry on their journey without any interruption too.

Kidzoona is now opened at Aeon Mall Seremban 2

Malaysia weather is often sunny or rain. Instead of playing at home, sometimes I just want Jet to spend some time outdoor. Other than going to the parks, I would like to bring him to indoor playgrounds. Where it is fully air conditioned. hehe…..Don’t have to worry it is rain or shine.


Kidzoona at Aeon Seremban 2 is opened on 29 April 2017.
At the moment, indoor playgrounds we have in Seremban are lollipop, at NSK and now the newest Kidzoona. Kidzoona has several outlets in KL.

IMG_20170512_142420 I got a voucher during their mascot walkabout day. Offering 50% discount to children age between 3-5 years old. Making use of the voucher, I brought Jet here early in the morning after his Kindermusik class. Jet was so happy and excited. But we made a deal, that we must leave when mummy said so, okay? Jet replied ok without hesitation. We often made a deal before hand. Of course he won’t be totally obedient. He’s just a kid. Usually I’ll end up extending another 10-15 minutes.


The entrance fee is differ on weekdays and weekends. For toddlers age 1 and below, the admission is free.
RM 15 (weekdays)
RM20 (weekends)

Below age 1 (FREE)

No time limitation. Which means, your kid can play as many hours as they wished.


Every kid with accompanied adult is required to put on their socks. You can bring your own socks. But in case you did not, you can purchase a pair of socks from the counter here.

Parent or guardian of the kid is required to fill this form before entry. *Children below 135cm height, must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

After done with the registration, you will be given a number & a basket to place your shoes at the designated area.

We were very early. Therefore the playground was quite empty.

Jet said ‘WOW’ while calling me to tag along.

We were fireman. Check out the happy face on him.

There are several counters for ‘pretend play’. Which creates a good interaction between children and adult or among their playmates.

The fruits counter

How about a florist?

They also provide different uniform on every counter. But Jet was reluctant to put it on.

in photo, Jet was trying to serve some sushi…..

and sushi for sale.

Then, we hooped over to the ice cream stall.

the ice cream is just too cute.

Jet, the ice cream vendor now. And I’ll be the customer.

Jet served me a chocolate ice cream.

Then, we went to the Burger stall.

A mini burger. All the items are really cute. I hope people could take good care of the items.

Cyber Wheel

This corner is very suitable for toddlers age 1.

The sofa corner is also a reading section. There were some books placed there.

A trampoline

Mini Cars (ride on foot 😀 😀 😀 )

‘Ball Pool’.

I saw a notice written ‘For hygiene purpose, Ball Pool is sanitized weekly’. If the statement is true, then it would good. This is to ensured it is decontamination.

This is the ‘Toy Corner’. There are several toys here which could train their motor skills.

boys would never fail to love cars and tracks.

Jet stacked it up all by himself

I would also like you emphasize that if your children is unwell or sick, please do not bring them to playgrounds. Because it may easily spread to other children. Please be considerate.

Other than that, you can also host a birthday party here. For more information, do drop by their website to see the offered package.


I think it is a nice place where both parent and child could spend some playtime together. I would prefer to go during non-peak hours.

Kidzoona @Aeon Mall Seremban 2

1st floor (next to bowling centre)

112 Persiaran S2 B1, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

Potty Train My Boy

How old should I start potty train my child?
Is my child ready to be potty train?

How should I begin?

These are the common questions often asked by mothers.

If you asked Mr. Google, there are many suggestions or advises given. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on every kid. Because everyone is different. However I would say that PATIENCE is the key word in this matter.

I have read/ even heard experiences from other mothers that bringing the child to toilet every 15 minutes asking them to pee. Cleaning up ‘accidents’.

Every 15 minutes?! I seriously unable to practice this as I am not SAHM. I can’t be expecting my mom to do it too.

Jet has no problem in poo poo-ing in a potty since he was less than 2 years old. He will tell us to bring the pot when he wants to poo. However it does not imply on pee-ing. He doesn’t want to pee in pot nor toilet no matter how I encourages him by saying; let’s watch how fun the water flushes our urine. He just resist to do it. He said he want to pee on diaper. When Jet started waking up with dry diapers the next morning, I knew he’s ready.He could hold pee now. I thought I should come up with something which will encourages him more. I logon to 11 street and typed ‘training potty’. A whole long list of choices appears. I chose a training potty for boys with a Doraemon image. Jet know about the Doraemon character. He was happy when I showed him this is your new potty. Okay, that shows some sign of ‘interested’.


Jet doesn’t know how to pee standing (without diaper on). It was really when I uses this image to teach him how to pee standing. Whenever he wanna pee, he will ask me to show him this ‘instruction’. LOL! Of course it requires sometime too. Continue to encourage him. Initially he kept asking me, how come no urine comes out. I made the ‘shhhshhh’ sound, pee-ed together with him, told him slowly…you can do it. After few days, he finally succeed! We both clapped our hands, making him feel proud on his achievement.
(Note: the white pot is removable for cleaning/washing)


I bought this training potty for around RM40+, which I think is really worth getting. Do you noticed the yellow thing? Its a spinner, whenever his pee aim there, it will spin. So, it also creates some fun when he pee. Jet has successfully on diaper free (even night) as he turn 3 years old. I am now more busier bringing him to toilet whenever he wants to pee, be it at home or outside. LOL!! 😀

Conclusion : Do not rush in potty train. Train gradually. But if they show sign of resistant, stop a moment and continue later on. This site offers a good guide. (

FTWM determined to breastfeed

2015-02-08 15.14.33My baby has grown up so much. From a newborn to an infant who has started to walk.

I am a FTWM (Full Time Working Mom) who is still determined to breastfeed my 14 months old child.

Before the arrival of my baby, I was quite hesitant and doubtful about myself. I was worried if I would not be able to successfully breastfeed my baby. However my mind told me that ‘I will try my best’. There are many successful & unsuccessful breastfeeding mummies around me. But that doesn’t mean they are a bad mother.

My breastfeeding journey wasn’t easy during the early days. Especially when my baby was admitted to hospital due to high jaundice. That was the period where I was really depressed. Juggling between breastfeeding, my confinement period & my marriage which started to rock, I pulled through myself till today.

Talk about engorgement, milk bleb, blocked ducts, you name it I’ve experienced it. For the sake of my baby I stay strong and determined.

How do I manage my pumping time?

– Twice pumping session during working hours between 9-6pm on weekdays.

– Been using Spectra M1 pump for a year. Satisfied with the pump. It is affordable, silent, handy.

2015-02-06 10.54.20

How to maintain a good supply?

Direct latch! Latch whenever is possible. Especially night feeding. Night feeding helps to build supply. Do not diet! You need to eat whenever you are hungry. Plenty of fluid intake. ie: water & soup. My milk booster are cheese, red bean soup, salmon, tuna, durian.

Drastic dropped in supply?

Yes. Often people said menses will interrupt your milk supply/yield. Thank God it was fine on me. It does not effect much. How about milk killer food? There might be a whole long list of milk killer/milk booster food. But its not necessarily workable on everyone. You gotto experiment it yourself. i.e: cabbage is said to be a milk killer. Somehow I ate quite alot of cabbage…my supply still okay. However my most drastic dropped in milk supply was when I fallen sick. My usual yield of 15-18oz (from 2 pumping session); it dropped to about 3oz (from 2 pumping session). That’s less than half of my normal yield. This lasted for about 2 weeks. I was quite sad and worried if I could not rebuild my supply. Luckily this happened after my baby has started solid food. I was never worried about my supply. Probably because my baby is not a big drinker. Hence I do not want to stress myself about the amount. Remember not to compare your supply. Everyone works differently.

My advise

Be prepared mentally & physically. Do more readings. Simply google on ‘breastfeed’, and you’ll get a handful of information. Despite reading, also watch youtube or attend at least one breastfeeding class in order to get a clearer picture in your mind. A proper ‘latch on’ is very important in the beginning stage. Once you grasp that, the journey will go smoother. I remembered a friend told me this, “Never store FM at home as backup if you want to succeed in breastfeeding”. Keep contacts of lactation consultants just in case you needed it during emergency.


– The bond between mother & baby.

– Providing the most natural food source to my baby.

– Money saving.

– Lose weight faster.

– Tummy & Uterus shrinks faster.

– Direct latch is very convenient. Because you save alot of time & hassle.


– I need to pump or bring along my pump whenever I go out without my baby. (Need to manage my pumping time)

My earlier target was to breastfeed at least till 1 year old. Now that I’ve achieved it. Therefore my next target will be 2 years old. Wish me luck 😉

Baby Jet 1st Experience @Wonder Pool Baby Spa & Wellness, Seremban

This is Me; Melissa's Blog

We often hear the adults went for spa. A way to pamper ourselves.

But these days babies too get the opportunity to go for spa. Hmm…the person who came up with this business is brilliant!

Before this, I’ve heard about baby spa. But they are all located in KL.

To my surprise, this newly opened Wonder Pool Baby Spa & Wellness in Seremban has given me a chance to bring Baby Jet to experience it!*Happy Mode*

I paid RM58 (NP RM88) during the opening promo and entitled for 30 minutes swim & 30 minutes yoga/massage session.

Here at Wonder Pool Baby Spa & Wellness, they offers Baby Yoga/Massage & Baby Swim. Consists of 2 small and 1 large pool. These small pools are suitable for smaller babies. The baby spa program, provides a supervised and social environment for parents and their babies to nurture the brain development, strengthen the…

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Long Break

This is Me; Melissa's Blog

Greeting to all my readers.
Sorry for not blogging for more than a month.
Reason is that I am still on maternity leave (2 months) and will return to work in 2 weeks time.

I have safely delivered a healthy baby boy weighing 3.35kg on 22 January 2014, 2 weeks earlier before the estimated due date.


Hello everyone…my name is Wong Shin Jet.


It has been a long journey till today. The photo above was captured during week 36 of my pregnancy. It ain’t easy walking around with a huge belly towards the end of the pregnancy. Yet I could still drag myself to go shopping. Hehe…..


Looking at him…. sometimes made me this for real? I am a mother now? This is my baby? I would say that there are many things no longer the same as before. I am adapting to it. I am learning new stuffs…

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6th Maternity & Children Expo

Recently, together with Hb I’ve visited the 6th Maternity & Children Expo held at Midvalley Megamall from 22-24 November 2013. I thought I should pay a visit to this expo before my belly becomes too big to squeeze with the crowd. LOL!

2013-11-22 15.20.15To avoid the crowd on weekends, we went on Friday. The crowd was still bearable but still many people also lar….

2013-11-22 15.24.24Counter to redeem goodie bag. Guess what’s inside the goodie bag.

2013-11-22 22.29.39Look….this is the so-called ‘goodie bag’. What’s the content? One small recycle bag (the yellow one), 1 bottle of mineral water (in case we get thirsty kua), 1 small size children’s toothpaste (gave to my niece), 1 calender. Wasn’t thrill at the content at all!!

2013-11-22 15.26.49Pureen was one of the participating brand.

We spent around 3 hours there…look see at each counters.

Here are what we spent on…. did not spend on big stuffs.

2013-11-22 22.33.29Baby diapers (Drypers) 2 packs for RM45. The sales girl advised to buy 1 pack of newborn and another pack of “S” size. Came home, chatted with my friend and sister only to realized Mamy Poko brand is better wor… Aikkss..

2013-11-22 22.35.53Bought this Crochet Hat for my baby at RM16. Love it! Ya…I’m going to use it for photo shooting 😉

2013-11-22 22.38.32Another satisfactory purchase! Tommie Tippee booth was having 50% discount for every items. Grabbed these glass milk bottle for RM29.95 each instead of RM59.90. These days, milk bottles aren’t cheap!!

2013-11-22 22.40.432 piece rompers from QQ Baby booth at RM5 each. Bathing towel RM10 each and bolster cover for RM4, both from Pureen booth.

2013-11-22 22.43.20Nursing Cover for RM33 and Breast Milk Storage Bags for RM9 , both under Autumnz.

2013-11-22 22.34.28Nursing Bra (without underwire) at RM20 each.

Hmmm….guess my preparations are almost there. What else? Need to cross check my checklist. hehe….

IMG_7422-001Latest update: My baby bump at Week 28.

IMG_7433-001Latest update: My baby bump at Week 28. I am now already at Week 30.