My Food Cravings during Pregnancy

I eat almost anything or everything that I’m allowed to eat during this pregnancy. People often say pregnant women tend to crave for food. Yes… but to me its not all the time. Reason is that my food cravings are not regular. Today I may crave for this. And the following week, I may crave for a different food. LOL!!

Causes of Food Cravings During Pregnancy
There are many reasons that women experience food cravings during pregnancy. Perhaps the simplest explanation is your body is working twenty four hours a day seven days a week to grow a healthy baby. Some cravings are simply the result of your body’s needs for additional calories during pregnancy.

2013-08-06 21.04.33

There was one day, I was craving badly for Hakka Mee. But where to get hakka mee in Subang moreover its in the evening. Hakka Mee is not something common in Subang, unlike in Seremban. *sigh* Hb tried his best and get a replacement of Hakka Mee. Instead of Hakka Mee; he got me this. LOL!! A pack of so-called Sarawak Kolok Mee. HAHA! Ok also lar…I accepted it and gulp them all. 😀

2013-08-06 21.39.48

On another day; I suddenly crave for this salted green peas. Hb searched around for this peas because most of the shops he went were only selling the one with flour coated.


And now…recently I crave for mooncakes!! @_@

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These are all the food that I crave for. I still like spicy food although I’m preg. But I really can’t take Laksa or anything with too rich ‘lemak’. I’ll feel very uncomfortable and took me hours to digest. Somehow…without any reason, I drools whenever I sees a plate of kampua noodle (minus the raw spring onion). Hb said because Junior AM has Sarawakian gene ma… LOL!

Anyway….everything just take moderately, then it should be fine. 🙂