Food Poisoning during pregnancy is no fun!

It happens on one afternoon after I had my lunch from a fast food outlet. I had a burger, potato wedges and some carbonated drink (1/2 cup). I suspected it was due to the cheese from the burger. Hours later after the lunch, I felt bloated and felt like indigestion. I vomited. I thought it was because Junior AM rejected the food. LMAO!! HAHAHA!! Did not suspect much… I went home as usual, cooked and had my dinner. Again I vomited. I still thought it was because of some indigestion.

Before going to bed, I felt stomach discomfort. Then I had diarrhea. Applied some ointment to ease my stomach discomfort. I woke up the following morning, I thought I will be fine later. Although I felt a lil tired. I went to work as usual, had my breakfast; a bun and some isotonic drink (100%) I thought it could help. Then I had another diarrhea session. OMG! And again..I vomited few hours later. My forehead started to feel warm and slight feverish. I told myself…all I wanted to do is to sleep. I really feel sleepy and tired. Took 1/2 day off from work, went home and slept all the way till evening. Woke up feeling hungry, then had a pao. I don’t dare to take any medication. I told myself to hang on and drink more fluid. That night I really have no appetite to eat anything. Force myself to take some warm porridge. After having some warm porridge…surprisingly I felt more comfortable. Went to bed earlier than usual days. Woke up the next day feeling alot better. Thank God!

407702_10151187471592740_1271567755_nFood Poisoning during pregnancy is no fun!