The current ME

Apologies to my readers (if I have any) for the long break here. I am fine and doing well. Just abit busy on working life.

Well…. I am now in week 25 already. Wow….how time flies! I’m now in the third trimester. *getting excited*

Let me update you with my current condition.

˜ belly growing bigger

˜ belly button has protrude

˜ back aches around my waist if I sit or stand for long hours.

˜ itching on my belly…due to stretching. Applied Egyptian Magic Cream to prevent stretch marks.

˜ sometimes I’ll get leg cramp while I was sleeping. HB will need to help massage my feet.

˜ not forgetting, I’m getting heavier each month. LOL!

˜ still getting indigestion sometimes. Probably depending on what food I had.

˜ I now crave for sweet stuffs. eg: cakes, desserts. But I must control my sugar intake to lower the risk of getting high glucose level.

˜ I’ve also changed my previous gynea (Dr. Ng, QHC Medical Centre) to (Dr. Ivan, KPJ Seremban) because I planned to deliver in Seremban.

My latest check up on week 24 with Dr. Ivan was fine. He did a detail scan for Junior AM and everything goes well. Baby is doing good and progressing well.

Baby’s First Movement

It was when about week 20, while I was resting on bed, I played pre-natal music which I’ve downloaded on my smartphone for Junior AM. I did not expect if he could hear it. The moment I played the music… I felt a hard kick from Junior AM!! Ohh dear…he was responding to the sound I guess. But not too sure if he likes or dislikes it. LOL! I felt so amazed and touched. I got teary.

Now, I could feel more movements from Junior AM. Sometimes on the right…. sometimes on the left. I think there is still room for him to move about. ^_^

Usually when I go to bed, HB will talk to Junior AM asking him to go sleep too and don’t disturb mummy while mummy sleeping. 😀

New Folder-001

1001225_641499755872423_1460432362_nI find this comic kinda funny and somewhat true!! But luckily it does not happen all the time. LOL!

Physical and Emotional Changes in me during Pregnancy.

Understand that physical and emotional changes during pregnancy may varies individually. People said the most common one would be morning sickness or vomiting. Thank God I did not have to go through this till today. Only at times I would feel nausea and most likely my mouth tasted so bland after each meal. I can’t eat too much at once. Sometimes I felt that my food quantity intake is lesser than what I had before I’m preg. I took less quantity but sometimes more frequent meals. Here are the list of physical and emotional changes in me during pregnancy.

  • Breast Changes – Natural breast enlargement! (Nonit to undergo breast enlargement treatment) LOL! My breasts are now firmer and I also noticed there are alot of visible blue veins around my breasts. (because our body makes extra blood and your heart pumps faster to meet the needs of pregnancy.)
  • Taste and Smell Changes – I prefered food which has rich flavors. Some of the smell or scent now made me wanna puke. Hb pass me a piece of orange flavor mochi….I asked; why does is stinks? Sorry…the mochi actually tasted good according to Hb. I used to like cincaluk… but the smell turn me off now. My house’s auto air refresher scent made me so wanna puke.T_T
  • Heartburn These days, I burp very frequent. And I always feel that my food took longer time to digest. Therefore I tend to feel full most of the time. (Pregnancy hormones slow down the digestive process in order to give our body more time to absorb nutrients. Our digestive tract is relaxed and food stays in your stomach longer, which may cause heartburn.)
  • Circulatory System Changes – Previously, climbing up stairs (1 floor) continue with conversation ain’t a problem. But now, huffing and puffing after climbing stairs. (Because of rapid expansion of the blood vessels and the increased stress on the heart and lungs, pregnant women produce more blood and have to utilize more caution with exercise than non-pregnant women.)
  • Frequent urination – The urge of pee-ing is sometimes frequent. (Towards the end of the first trimester, I’ll feel like urinating more often as my growing uterus pushes on your bladder.)
  • Emotional symptoms – I sometimes quite forgetful. @_@ And emotional too. Whenever I read a sad or touching article…my tears start rolling down my cheeks. Awww…..
  • Tired – I easily feel tired and sleepy most of the time during first trimester. Luckily it has adjusted back to normal now during second trimester.
  • A growing belly – Although my baby bump is quite small…and some may not notice that I’m preg if I would to wear a larger size blouse, but I now couldn’t fit into most of my trousers. Need to wear something more loose and comfortable now.

2013-08-12_17.48.23 (1)

My small baby bump on Week 13. However, I noticed my baby bump is growing rapidly now at Week 16.