12 weeks

On 26th July 2013 was my scheduled check up for week 12.

On week 12, an Ultrasonographer will conduct an ultrasound screening to check my baby’s well being and also help to estimate the risk that a fetus will have Down syndrome.. This test is called nuchal translucency. I was quite worried before the appointment day. Guess I’m worrying too much. Well…who doesn’t right…especially when you know your pregnancy does not come easy.

I went in the morning where I’m suppose to fast for at least 6 hours (only plain water is allowable) before my blood test. After taking the first blood sample, I am required to continue fasting for another 2 hours for the second blood sample. No breakfast for me the whole morning. Only a bottle of glucose drink. Huhuhu…watched Hb eats. T_T

The Ultrasonographer was quite detail in every angle. When she switches to different angle..she will tell me that; ohh..this is the head, the skull, fingers, legs and so on. I was really amazed. Few weeks back, what saw was just one black patch. Now I can see my baby’s whole figure. My Junior AM!! I was about to cry….but I ‘tahan’. LOL!! paiseh ma… 😀

Baby was so busy stretching itself at the beginning, till we gotto wait awhile for it to stay in position to get a proper screening. Measured the length of baby and the most important things are to check the presence of nasal(nose) bone also measure the clear space between the folds of tissue behind the baby’s neck. (Babies with abnormalities tend to accumulate more fluid at the back of their neck during the first trimester, causing this clear space to be larger than average.) Besides that, she also can estimate my fetus’s age by measuring him/her from crown to rump. Although this test will not give a 100% accuracy, but I felt relieved when the Ultrasonographer along with my gynae commented that my baby is looking fine and good.

I am now into 2nd trimester lar..Gotto wait for another 4 weeks for my following check up…………

8 weeks

At 8 weeks….

My second check up with my gynae. At 6 weeks, we couldn’t see baby’s heartbeat clearly. 2 weeks has passed. As usual, the nurse will take my blood pressure, urine test (to examine my glucose level) and my weight. My weight increased by 0.5kg within 2 weeks! OMG….doctor asked whether am I eating alot?!! LOL! Do I? Macam not really ler….

Dr. Ng did an ultrasound to confirm baby’s heartbeat.

2013-06-25 21.19.15

Junior AM played hide and seek. It took us awhile to locate that black patch! I felt relieved when doctor pointed the embryo with heartbeat. Hurmm…honestly I don’t understand what was I looking at also. To me… its just everything in black and white. LMAO!

Doctor briefly explained to us what’s not suppose to eat. Example; food which contains high Vitamin A (liver, fish oil), cheese (especially those uncooked ones. They may contain bacteria). I am a coffee addict wor. How? Doctor said a cup a day is still fine. But I tried to reduce to 1/2 cup a day.


I am required to consume the above pills. Sometimes I had hard time swallowing the pink pill. Its quite big for me. I’m not really good in swallowing pills lar…. T_T

The following check up will be on week 12. I kept looking forward to each check up. As I can have a date with my baby ma. 😀