I want to breastfeed my baby

thFrom the beginning of my pregnancy, I’ve told myself that I want to breastfeed my baby. Hopefully at least till 1 year old. Hoping that I could manage to do it successfully. I felt, being a mother and able to breastfeed our baby is a blessing and something precious.

994637_10151810284853124_327311779_nThe beneficial of breast milk… I’m sure there are more than these. I will try NOT to introduce any formula milk to my baby. Friends who are into breast feeding, advised me not to spare/buy any formula milk to so-called ‘stand-by’. This will indirectly give you more excuses to feed on formula milk. Well… I am not going to elaborate about formula milk here… decisions are on you.

newborn_stomachMany mummies got panicked when they said they do not have milk on day 1. After reading much info… I gotto know that newborn babies can survive up to 3 days without milk. So, people who are not in the same boat…please stop telling the mummy, your baby is hungry and you do not have milk. That will create tense towards the mummy. Friends advise is to keep direct latch your baby, and the milk volume will slowly increase.

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent a message. Saying his wife has gave birth to a healthy baby girl. He said his wife tried to breastfeed the baby but failed because baby doesn’t know how to suckle. I guess what he meant is baby didn’t latch on? Then I thought this is something I should know and learn too. I’ve never thought about it. All I know is keep on ‘latch your baby’.. but never did find out what if baby doesn’t know how to latch on. So, I google for information. Then I found some good info and also blogs.

The Newborn Latch.

  • Take full advantage of your baby’s rooting reflex.
    • The rooting reflex has two parts: turning and opening the mouth.
      1. When you touch your baby’s cheek or lip lightly, she or he will turn her or his head towards the touching object.
      2. She or he will also open her or his mouth really wide, as in a big yawn.
      3. Soon, your baby will learn that your breasts are her or his source of comfort and nourishment, and she or he will turn her or his head from side to side and open her or his mouth whenever she or he wants to nurse.
    • If your baby is already facing your nipple, you can just tickle her or his lip with your nipple until she or he opens up really wide.
    • If the baby is facing away from the breast, tickle her or his cheek with your nipple When she or he turns toward your breast, tickle the lip with your nipple.
    • Make sure you continue tickling until your baby opens up reallywide. Don’t try to attach a baby whose mouth is only slightly open, or you might have sore nipples and all the other problems associated with improper latch-on.
    • A very common mistake is to try to push and turn a baby’s head towards your breast. The rooting reflex makes the baby want to turn towards the pushing object. Many people interpret this to mean that the baby is turning away from the breast. They say the baby “rejects” the breast, and resort to artificial feeding. Don’t fall into this trap! Just tickle the baby’s cheek with your nipple, and she or he will turn towards the breast.
    • When the baby opens up really wide, pull him towards your breast all the way to your chest. It’s important to pull the baby close to make sure she or he gets a good mouthful of breast instead of just the nipple.
  • When a baby is correctly latched on:
    • Her or his lips should be flanged out, not sucked in. You should be able to see the inner surfaces of the lips on your breast.
    • Her or his tongue should be covering the lower gum. You can see this by pulling the lower lip slightly out.
    • Her or his cheeks should not be dimpled. Dimpled cheeks during sucking indicate poor latch-on and suction.
    • Her or his nose should be touching your breast. If the baby’s nose is away from your breast, she or he is sucking on just the nipple. You’ll have sore nipples, and the baby won’t get enough milk.
  • You might wonder whether you should hold your breast with one hand while you are breastfeeding.If your baby is not latched on correctly, remove her or him from the breast and try again. You should keep trying until the baby gets it right, even if you have to try twenty times. Pretty soon, your baby will learn to latch on properly, and will be able to do it without any help.”
    • You can hold your breast to make it easier for the baby to latch on.
    • If you do, make sure your thumb and fingers are well behind the areola.
    • Many people do a good job of keeping the thumb way back, but they put their fingers too close to the areola, just behind the nipple. Avoid this! Your baby needs to take in as much breast tissue as she or he can comfortably fit into her or his mouth. If your hand is too close to the nipple, the baby will just take the nipple in. You’ll get sore nipples.
    • Avoid the “scissor hold” in which you hold your breast between your index finger and ring finger. This style of holding the breast very often causes the baby to latch on to the nipple instead of to the breast.
    • Use the “C” or “U” hold, where you form a C or U shape with your thumb and fingers (as if you are holding a water glass). Hold your breast so that its compressed shape is in line with the baby’s open mouth (remember, you are doing this to make it easy for the baby to take in as much of the breast tissue as possible).
    • You can also hold and lift your breast to bring it to the level of the baby’s mouth. This is useful for mothers with large soft breasts.
    • You don’t need to worry about pulling the breast back from the baby’s nose to let the baby breathe. Babies’ faces are made for nursing. They can breathe with no problems with their faces smushed right into your breast. Pulling the breast away from the baby can lead to improper latch-on and sore nipples.
    • If you have flat or inverted nipples that stand out when you squeeze the areola, hold your breast so your nipple protrudes until your baby is latched on.
    • Once the baby is latched on and nursing, you can usually let go of the breast.
    • If your baby is able to latch on correctly without your holding your breast, you don’t need to hold it. Women with smaller breasts are more likely to be able to nurse a young baby without holding the breast. As your baby grows, you’ll probably find that you won’t need to hold your breast, no matter how large or soft it may be.

(source from:- singlemomontherun )

Another resourceful blog:- How to Get a Newborn to Latch On

a good animation about latch on

breastfeedingAbove are the items that you may need to prepare when you plan for breastfeeding.

Nursing Pillow –  (depends on you necessity, you can use a normal pillow if you are comfortable with it).

Nursing Bra – for your convenience when you breastfeed. Because you don’t need to lift up your entire bra. Try Autumnz for affordable pricing nursing bra. The designs are not bad too.

Breast Pad – When you are breastfeeding, you tend to have more leakage, I suppose. So you may need breast pad to prevent people from noticing the leakage. Breast pads comes in disposable and washable type 🙂

Breast Pump – Some people are producing more milk than what the baby demanded. So, they’ll usually pump the extra milk to store them. Breast pump price range from hundreds to thousand.

Storage Milk Bottles – To store the milk that you’ve pump out. Alternatively, you can use storage bags instead of storage bottles. Lower cost and also space saving in your freezer.

Milk Bottles – I will need to go back to work after my 2 months confinement period. Therefore, I’ll need to train my baby on bottle.

Nursing Cover – In case you need to breast feed in public but you are shy to pull up your cloths openly… you may need a nursing cover. These days the nursing cover comes in variant designs and price.

I hope people around me are supportive on breastfeeding, hoping that I’ll be able to go through the whole process. Baby….please be cooperative with mummy ya…. heheh…

My Ways of Saving for My Baby

From the day you discovered that you are pregnant, you’ve already started spending money. i.e: pregnancy kit and consulting a doctor to get a confirmation. Well…many people would have the mindset of “this is my first child…I must get everything new for him/her! I must provide the best for him/her”.  I would not say they are wrong to have these thoughts. However I on the other hand would think differently. I am not loaded…you may call me stingy. But of course I am not giving my baby wear and tear clothing lar… Its just that there are things which I felt we could do some savings. Having a child is not a short term period kinda thing. Its a long period. These days unlike those days… we still need to consider about their education with today’s high standard of living. I am not saying that in future I am giving them a lavish life either. So, why not save today for tomorrow?

You often get over excited to find out that you are expecting a baby. Which is something you look forward to. So, bear in mind don’t over spent just because of your over excitement 🙂

1) Pregnancy Test Kit

Not necessary to get expensive digital pregnancy test kit just for one test. After all… you’ll still decide to double confirm your pregnancy with a doctor. Get some cheap ones (less than RM10) from Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy…they still give you an accurate result.

2013-06-08 10.09.48

2) Maternity Clothing

You will start putting on weight that most of your cloths may not fit in now. Not necessary to buy expensive or branded maternity clothing. I got some of my maternity cloths from Jusco. Also…its not necessary to be label as maternity clothing. Some loose fitting blouses and clothing also can wear ma. Besides… ask among your friends, if they could loan their maternity clothing to you. I did not buy much maternity cloths. I thought it would be a waste if I buy too much, because I only wearing it for a short period.

3) Baby’s Clothing

20131008_232526Ahhh…. babies clothing are so cuteeeee…. You may end up couldn’t resist the cuteness of it. But don’t forget, babies outgrow very fast. Do not buy too much. Go to warehouse sales. Or you can easily get some nice clothing at lower price from online bargains /online shopping. There are so many choices now.
Alternatively, if you don’t mind… you can ask your friends if they would like to giveaway their baby’s old clothing. Also you can buy preloved clothing.

4) Baby’s Equipment

Natural-Sleigh-Baby-Changing-TableI saw baby’s changing tables from IKEA are so nice. Really feel like getting one. But when I come to know about the price ranging from RM200… I decided not to buy. Getting a baby’s changing mat(Pureen) is just around RM20. Now you do the maths.

For baby stroller, my friend and sister volunteer to loan one to me. I can save that stroller money to get a good car seat for my baby which is more important I thought.

2013-10-06 18.17.59Baby’s Cot. I got my white color baby cot, as I wanted a white one from Stroller World, during their opening sales. Bought it at price of RM299 (just bed frame) with wheels, adjustable levels, size (24″x48″). Retail price around RM400+. Mummy planned to get a tailor made mosquito netting from a tailor shop. Which is cheaper than those ready made ones.  I’ll be getting baby’s mattress from furniture shop at RM150/piece. (Material: Natural Coconut Fibre). Those latex mattress selling at baby shop is around RM300/piece. So expensive!

I bought a baby carrier from a mummy who wanted to let go of her extra baby carrier, condition10/10, brand = My Dear for RM80 (inclusive postage). Retail price is over RM100.

5) Baby’s Feeding

I planned to breastfeed my baby because I know there are more pros than cons. Besides, I also can save alot by breastfeeding compared to formula milk powder. So, I suppose at this stage, I need to get a breast pump, milk bottles ( I need to return to work, therefore I can’t direct latch all the time), milk storage bags (cheaper than storage bottles). I have a kind friend who helped me get a preloved Avent breast pump for free.

6) Sales

Google on internet about warehouse sales or baby fairs from time to time. Then visit warehouse sales for better bargains. However you may need to do some homework before going to any warehouse sales. Take note on the market price.

I also like doing online shopping for baby’s items and maternity/nursing bra. I often check out the ‘sales’ corner 🙂

Try to avoid Summer Glitz. I find that their products quality are below expectation, after buying once.

7) Pre-natal Classes

Its your choice. But I felt its not necessary to over spent on taking up pre-natal courses. You know…in big city, signing up a course for 2 person (a couple) may not be cheap. Some hospitals offers pre-natal classes with every basic stuffs that you’re required to know/learn at affordable price. As for myself, I’ve just signed up a one day class by Pitterpatter.com.my for RM40/couple. (Will review about this after I come back from the class)

*that’s all for now. Will add in more in future*

New Folder1Finally…I’m publishing a photo of myself at week 27 with huge belly and super rounded face!!

The current ME

Apologies to my readers (if I have any) for the long break here. I am fine and doing well. Just abit busy on working life.

Well…. I am now in week 25 already. Wow….how time flies! I’m now in the third trimester. *getting excited*

Let me update you with my current condition.

˜ belly growing bigger

˜ belly button has protrude

˜ back aches around my waist if I sit or stand for long hours.

˜ itching on my belly…due to stretching. Applied Egyptian Magic Cream to prevent stretch marks.

˜ sometimes I’ll get leg cramp while I was sleeping. HB will need to help massage my feet.

˜ not forgetting, I’m getting heavier each month. LOL!

˜ still getting indigestion sometimes. Probably depending on what food I had.

˜ I now crave for sweet stuffs. eg: cakes, desserts. But I must control my sugar intake to lower the risk of getting high glucose level.

˜ I’ve also changed my previous gynea (Dr. Ng, QHC Medical Centre) to (Dr. Ivan, KPJ Seremban) because I planned to deliver in Seremban.

My latest check up on week 24 with Dr. Ivan was fine. He did a detail scan for Junior AM and everything goes well. Baby is doing good and progressing well.

Baby’s First Movement

It was when about week 20, while I was resting on bed, I played pre-natal music which I’ve downloaded on my smartphone for Junior AM. I did not expect if he could hear it. The moment I played the music… I felt a hard kick from Junior AM!! Ohh dear…he was responding to the sound I guess. But not too sure if he likes or dislikes it. LOL! I felt so amazed and touched. I got teary.

Now, I could feel more movements from Junior AM. Sometimes on the right…. sometimes on the left. I think there is still room for him to move about. ^_^

Usually when I go to bed, HB will talk to Junior AM asking him to go sleep too and don’t disturb mummy while mummy sleeping. 😀

New Folder-001

1001225_641499755872423_1460432362_nI find this comic kinda funny and somewhat true!! But luckily it does not happen all the time. LOL!

Week 16

At week 16, I felt that my belly has starting to show up. Couldn’t fit into most of my old button blouses. Can button up….but look tight at my stomach part. T_T

My bra also…. looks like I needed some upsized bra cups…

At week 16, I went for my monthly check up. As usual, Doctor did an ultrasound. We were all peeking at Junior AM. HAHAHA!! *Aiihh….stay inside also no privacy wan* LOL! Junior AM was looking fine. Also, this round the little one was showing its genital part!! Ohh…so fast I can know my baby’s gender already.  😉

I was telling doctor that I was having constipation the past few days. Doctor advised to drink more water (minimum 1.5 liter/day), consume more fruits and vegetable or perhaps try eating prunes. Lastly….go toilet regularly. Means..if you usually go in the morning, try to stick at one time.

At this moment; I felt that my memory is getting poorer 😥

I tend to be very forgetful/absentminded on minor stuffs. I hope this is just temporary.

2013-08-28_17.34.59My baby bump at Week 16. I was quite surprised that I did not gain weight for the past whole month. *hepi mode*

Food Poisoning during pregnancy is no fun!

It happens on one afternoon after I had my lunch from a fast food outlet. I had a burger, potato wedges and some carbonated drink (1/2 cup). I suspected it was due to the cheese from the burger. Hours later after the lunch, I felt bloated and felt like indigestion. I vomited. I thought it was because Junior AM rejected the food. LMAO!! HAHAHA!! Did not suspect much… I went home as usual, cooked and had my dinner. Again I vomited. I still thought it was because of some indigestion.

Before going to bed, I felt stomach discomfort. Then I had diarrhea. Applied some ointment to ease my stomach discomfort. I woke up the following morning, I thought I will be fine later. Although I felt a lil tired. I went to work as usual, had my breakfast; a bun and some isotonic drink (100%) I thought it could help. Then I had another diarrhea session. OMG! And again..I vomited few hours later. My forehead started to feel warm and slight feverish. I told myself…all I wanted to do is to sleep. I really feel sleepy and tired. Took 1/2 day off from work, went home and slept all the way till evening. Woke up feeling hungry, then had a pao. I don’t dare to take any medication. I told myself to hang on and drink more fluid. That night I really have no appetite to eat anything. Force myself to take some warm porridge. After having some warm porridge…surprisingly I felt more comfortable. Went to bed earlier than usual days. Woke up the next day feeling alot better. Thank God!

407702_10151187471592740_1271567755_nFood Poisoning during pregnancy is no fun!

My Food Cravings during Pregnancy

I eat almost anything or everything that I’m allowed to eat during this pregnancy. People often say pregnant women tend to crave for food. Yes… but to me its not all the time. Reason is that my food cravings are not regular. Today I may crave for this. And the following week, I may crave for a different food. LOL!!

Causes of Food Cravings During Pregnancy
There are many reasons that women experience food cravings during pregnancy. Perhaps the simplest explanation is your body is working twenty four hours a day seven days a week to grow a healthy baby. Some cravings are simply the result of your body’s needs for additional calories during pregnancy.

2013-08-06 21.04.33

There was one day, I was craving badly for Hakka Mee. But where to get hakka mee in Subang moreover its in the evening. Hakka Mee is not something common in Subang, unlike in Seremban. *sigh* Hb tried his best and get a replacement of Hakka Mee. Instead of Hakka Mee; he got me this. LOL!! A pack of so-called Sarawak Kolok Mee. HAHA! Ok also lar…I accepted it and gulp them all. 😀

2013-08-06 21.39.48

On another day; I suddenly crave for this salted green peas. Hb searched around for this peas because most of the shops he went were only selling the one with flour coated.


And now…recently I crave for mooncakes!! @_@

New Folder

These are all the food that I crave for. I still like spicy food although I’m preg. But I really can’t take Laksa or anything with too rich ‘lemak’. I’ll feel very uncomfortable and took me hours to digest. Somehow…without any reason, I drools whenever I sees a plate of kampua noodle (minus the raw spring onion). Hb said because Junior AM has Sarawakian gene ma… LOL!

Anyway….everything just take moderately, then it should be fine. 🙂

Physical and Emotional Changes in me during Pregnancy.

Understand that physical and emotional changes during pregnancy may varies individually. People said the most common one would be morning sickness or vomiting. Thank God I did not have to go through this till today. Only at times I would feel nausea and most likely my mouth tasted so bland after each meal. I can’t eat too much at once. Sometimes I felt that my food quantity intake is lesser than what I had before I’m preg. I took less quantity but sometimes more frequent meals. Here are the list of physical and emotional changes in me during pregnancy.

  • Breast Changes – Natural breast enlargement! (Nonit to undergo breast enlargement treatment) LOL! My breasts are now firmer and I also noticed there are alot of visible blue veins around my breasts. (because our body makes extra blood and your heart pumps faster to meet the needs of pregnancy.)
  • Taste and Smell Changes – I prefered food which has rich flavors. Some of the smell or scent now made me wanna puke. Hb pass me a piece of orange flavor mochi….I asked; why does is stinks? Sorry…the mochi actually tasted good according to Hb. I used to like cincaluk… but the smell turn me off now. My house’s auto air refresher scent made me so wanna puke.T_T
  • Heartburn These days, I burp very frequent. And I always feel that my food took longer time to digest. Therefore I tend to feel full most of the time. (Pregnancy hormones slow down the digestive process in order to give our body more time to absorb nutrients. Our digestive tract is relaxed and food stays in your stomach longer, which may cause heartburn.)
  • Circulatory System Changes – Previously, climbing up stairs (1 floor) continue with conversation ain’t a problem. But now, huffing and puffing after climbing stairs. (Because of rapid expansion of the blood vessels and the increased stress on the heart and lungs, pregnant women produce more blood and have to utilize more caution with exercise than non-pregnant women.)
  • Frequent urination – The urge of pee-ing is sometimes frequent. (Towards the end of the first trimester, I’ll feel like urinating more often as my growing uterus pushes on your bladder.)
  • Emotional symptoms – I sometimes quite forgetful. @_@ And emotional too. Whenever I read a sad or touching article…my tears start rolling down my cheeks. Awww…..
  • Tired – I easily feel tired and sleepy most of the time during first trimester. Luckily it has adjusted back to normal now during second trimester.
  • A growing belly – Although my baby bump is quite small…and some may not notice that I’m preg if I would to wear a larger size blouse, but I now couldn’t fit into most of my trousers. Need to wear something more loose and comfortable now.

2013-08-12_17.48.23 (1)

My small baby bump on Week 13. However, I noticed my baby bump is growing rapidly now at Week 16.